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The match” (2019)

Colonel Frantz//Director: Jakov Sedlar//Prod.: Croatia Film

“Mission: impossible - fallout” (2018)

The European//Director: Chris McQuarrie//Prod.: Paramount Pictures

"Så længe jeg lever" (2018)

Jørgen Hjorting//Director: Ole Bornedal//Prod.: Miso Film


“JACKIE” (2016)

JFK // Director: Pablo Larraín // Prod.: Darren Aronofsky, Juan de Dios Larraín, ..


“Love and other catastrophes” (2016)

Martin Stampe // Director: Sofie Stougaard // Prod.: Lydholm Film


“The Gentle Pain” (2016)

Thorkild Hansen // Director: Carsten Brandt // Prod.: Posthouse Theatre Productions


“Villads from Valby” (2015)

Fritz // Director: Frederik Meldal Nørgaard // Prod.: Grasten Film


“Emma and Father Christmas” (2015)

Jesper // Director: Søren Frellesen // Prod.: Deluca Film


“The summer of ‘92” (2015)

Morten Stig // Director: Kasper Barfoed // Prod.: Meta Film


“Itsi Bitsi/Steppeulven” (2014)

Halfdan Rasmussen // Director: OC Madsen // Prod.: Nimbus Film


“Antboy” (2013)

CEO Sommersted // Director: Ask Hasselbalch // Prod.: Nimbus Film


“The Refugee” (2009)

Troels // Director: Kathrine Windfeld // Prod.: Nimbus Film


“Flame&Citron” (2008)

Schalburg Captain // Director: OC Madsen // Prod.: Nimbus Film


Gentleman Jack” (2019)

Mr de Hagemann//Director: Sally Wainwright// Prod.: BBC/HBO

“Dicte season 2” (2014)

Johan Poulsen // Directors: Kasper Barfoed. Christian E Christiansen // Prod.: Danish tv-2/Miso Film


“The Bridge season 2” (2013)

Niels Madsen // Directors: Morten Arnfred. Kathrine Windfeld // Prod.:

SVT/DR/Nimbus Film


“Lapland” (2011)

Teppo // Director: Catherine Morshead // Prod.: BBC


“Borgen” (2010)

Lars Bang // Director: Annette K. Olesen // Prod.: DR


“The Protectors” (2009)

Krasser // Director: Fabian Wullenweber // Prod.: DR


“2900 Happiness” (2009)

Christian // Director: Kari Vidoe // Prod.: Danish TV3


The story of a borough” (2018)

Self//Director: Alexander Sagmo//Tordenskiold Foundation

øg galla” (2017)

Self//Director: Rene Vinther Pedersen// Østre Gasværk Theatre

“The Pillars of the Earth” (2016-2017)

Prior Philip // Director: Jacob Schjødt // Østre Gasværk Theatre


“The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet” (2014-16)

Hamlet // Director: Martin Tulinius // Republique Theatre, World Tour


“Von Trier – Persona Non Grata” (2015)

The Actor // Director: Pelle Koppel // Teater-V, Copenhagen


“The Light Princess” (2013)

Mr Grey // Director: Marianne Elliot // National Theatre


“Walking With Dinosaurs” (2012 and 2009)

Huxley // Director: Scott Faris. Cameron Wenn // Creature Production Company


“The Secret Garden” (2011)

Archibald Craven // Director: Anna Linstrum // Edinburgh Festival Theatre & Royal Alexandra, Toronto


“Love Me Tonight”

Henrik // Director: Kenneth Kreutzmann // Gasvaerket Theatre


“What Happened” ( 2009)

Caspar // Director: Joachim Hamou // Excellent Meetings


“The Wild Party” (2008)

Burrs // Director: Tim Zimmerman // Gladsaxe Theatre


“The Light Over Skagen” (2007)

PS Krøyer // Director: Daniel Bohr // New Danish Music Theatre



Tony // Director: Lars Kaalund // Østre Gasværk Theatre


“A Christmas Carol” (2005)

Fred // Director: Vibeke Wrede // Folketeatret Copenhagen


“A Midsummer Nights Dream” (2005)

Demetrius // Director: Vibeke Wrede // Folketeatret Copenhagen


“The Seagull” (2004)

Konstantin // Director: Søren Spanning // Hippodromen Copenhagen


“Tony’n’Tina’s Wedding” (2002)

Tony // Director: Aslak Moe // Det sidste ny teater, Copenhagen


“Arsenic and old lace” (2001)

Mortimer Brewster // Director: Lars Knutzon // The Royal Danish Theatre


 “Scandal at the Court (Hofskandalen)” (2001)

King Christian 7 // Director: Morten Hovmand // Aalborg Theatre


1995-2001 in the company, Aarhus Theatre


“The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” (2000)

Mr Tumnus // Director: Lars Junggreen // Aarhus Theatre


“Pirates of Penzance” (2000)

Frederic // Director: Lisa Kent // Aarhus Theatre, 100th Jubilee Show


“A Clockwork Orange” (2000)

Alex // Director: Victor Marcussen // Aarhus Theatre


“Les Enfants Du Paradis” (1999)

Baptiste // Director: Kim Bjarke // Aarhus Theatre


“Les Misérables”

Marius // Director: Mogens Pedersen // Aarhus Theatre


“Death of a Salesman”

Happy // Director: Hans Rosenquist // Aarhus Theatre



Edward // Director: Kirsten Peuliche // Aarhus Theatre



Baby // Director: Kim Bjarke //Aarhus Theatre


“Twelfth Night”

Valentine // Director: Eydun Johannesen // Aarhus Theatre


“The Tinder Box”

The Soldier // Director: Line Krogh // Aarhus Theatre


“Rocky Horror Show”

Rocky, A Creation // Director: Lars Junggreen // Aarhus Theatre


“Fiddler on the Roof”

Singing Russian // Director: Gillian Gregory // Aarhus Theatre


Short Film

"I just want to study" (2017)

Søren//Director: Wagma Khattak//Prod.: Nepenthe Film


“In the forest” (2013)

The Father // Director: Lisa Svelmøe // Prod.: 18Frames


“The Yes-Sayer”

Jan M // Director: Joachim Hamou // Prod.: Excellent Meetings


“M for Marcus”

Janus // Director: Ali Abbasi // Danish Film School, Exam Films


“The Black Sheep”

Magnus // Director: Søren Grinderslev // Prod.: Zentropa Productions


“Dinosaurs Will Die”

Torben Nyborg // Director: Behrouz Bigdeli // Prod.: Super16


“A Definite Winner”

The Coach // Director: Ask Hasselbalch // Prod.: Super16


“Love Me Not”

The Man B// Director: Mathias Hovgaard // Prod.: Hey! Productions


“The Alliance”

Michael // Director: Ask Hasselbalch // Prod.: Fridthjof Film



THE LIGHT PRINCESS – original cast recording (2015)

(Tori Amos & Samuel Adamson)


ELSK MIG I NAT – original cast recording (2009)

(Love Me Tonight, various pop songs)


LYSET OVER SKAGEN – original cast recording  (2007)

(The Light Over Skagen, Kim Sørensen & Thomas Høg)


HOFSKANDALEN – original cast recording  (2002)

(Scandal at the Court, Bent Fabricius-Bjerre & Niels Brunse)

In Concert

2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 

Tivoli Gardens Tuesday Open Air Concerts//with Tivoli Salon Orchestra // Conductor: Peter Jensen

(Swing and popular music)



Ledreborg Castle Concert, on DR TV//with Danish Radio Symphony Orch.//Cond.: David Firman

(Musical Theatre Gala)


Danish Radio Concert Hall//with Danish Radio Big Band// Conductor: Gerard Presencer

(Jazz – Armstrong and Beiderbecke)


Musikkens Hus, Aalborg Concert Hall//with Aalborg Symphony Orchestra // Conductor: David Firman

(Musical Theatre Gala)



Odense Concert Hall//with Odense Symphony Orchestra // Conductor: Martin Nygård Jørgensen

(Celebrating Bent Fabricius-Bjerre 90)



 Odense Concert Hall//with Odense Symphony Orchestra // Conductor: James Price

(Songs from Danish Film History)



Tivoli Open Air Stage Copenhagen//with Tivoli Big Band // Conductor: Peder Kragerup

(Swing – Dancing under the stars)


Tivoli Open Air Stage Copenhagen//with Tivoli Big Band  // Conductor: Peder Kragerup

(Danish popular music, midsummer night)



 Odense Concert Hall//with Odense Symphony Orchestra // Conductor: David Firman

(Musical Theatre Songs)



 Tivoli Concert Hall Copenhagen//with Danish Radio Sinfonietta // Conductor: David Firman

(Songs of Rodgers and Hammerstein)



 Tivoli Concert Hall Copenhagen//with Danish Radio Sinfonietta // Conductor: David Firman

(Scandal at the Court in Concert)

Voice Over in Danish

“Captain Underpants” - voice of Principal Krup and Captain Underpants

“Harvey Street Kids” - voice of Richie Rich

"Beauty and the Beast" - voice of Lumiére

“Home” - voice of Oh

“Dragon Ball Z” – voice of Son Goku

“Curious George” – voice of Man with the yellow hat

“Shrek” – voice of Prince Charming

“Charlie and the chocolate factory” – voice of Willy Wonka

“Rango” – voice of Rango

“Alice in Wonderland” – voice of Mad Hatter

“Flushed Away” – voice of Roddy

“Turbo” – voice of Guy Gagné

“Box Trolls” – voice of Mr Pickles

“Narnia” – voice of Mr Tumnus

“TMNT Movie” – voice of Casey Jones

“Epic” – voice of Grub

“Maya the Bee” – voice of Flip

“Mickey, Donald, Goofy, The Three Musketeers” – voice of The Troubadour

“Alfie Atkins” (Alfons Åberg) – voice of Narrator

“Legends of Chima” – voice of Plovar

“Avengers” – voice of Captain America

“Lego Marvel Avengers” – voice of Captain America

“Iron Man” – voice of Tony Stark

“Danger Mouse” – voice of Danger Mouse

“Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” – voice of Wilt

“My Gym Partner’s a Monkey” – voice of Adam

“Peter Rabbit” – voice of Mr Tod the Fox

“Phinneas and Ferb” – various

“Lazy Town” – voice of Sportacus

“Sesame Street” – voice of Big Bird

“Roary the racing car” – voice of Roary

“Make it Pop” – voice of Mr Stark

“Koala Brothers” – voice of Buster

“Thomas the tank Engine” – voice of Thomas

“Wow-wow-wubbzy” – voice of singer

“Kika and Bob” - various

“Roy” – various

“Lucky Luke” – voice of RaTaTa and William

“Azur et Asmar” – voice of Djinn Elf

“Dive Olly” – voice of Diver Doug

“Pacman and the ghostly adventures” – voice of Betrayous

“American Dragon” – voice of Huntsman

“Breadwinners” – voice of T-Midi

“Spongebob Squarepants” – various