Sirena Film

Thank you, Sirena Film, for a warm and generous welcome to Prague. A very enjoyable time on Ole Bornedal and Miso Film's "JOHN".

Beauty and the beast

Was thrilled to attend the New York Gala for Beauty and the Beast last week. A lovely chat with Ewan McGregor - I am his Lumiére's Danish voice, in cinemas all over Denmark. VærVorGæst (BeOurGuest)

Mary White

Mary White was the secretary of Ted Sorensen, JFK's speech writer. As she left our "Speeches" event at Martin's Tavern, she laid her hand on mine, and said "you really must continue doing this". We will.

Kennedy's speeches #2

What an overwhelming reception for "The Speeches of President Kennedy". There clearly is an enormous hunger today for political vision with depth, and the emotional response of course bears witness to the trauma of the loss of JFK's life and promise.

Kennedy's speeches

This promises to be a very special evening. My friend, Anders Agner, and I will revisit and re-live inspirational moments of the unique presidency of JFK. So many points are still relevant - some, even more so today. Welcome!

Oscar Night

Off to celebrate all the movies - particularly Jackie, of course... 

(Photo: Randal Kleiser; Tux: SAND Copenhagen)

Top of the Hill

Downtown LA from the top of Runyon, ready for Oscars-celebration - a great evening at the Kodak Oscar Gala at Restaurant Nobu.

(Photo: Randal Kleiser; Tux: SAND Copenhagen)

Night of the Oscars

The city holds its breath, ready for a night of celebration! Congratulations to all nominees for heart-swelling movie-making.

Elderly Philip

Great photo from Pillars - young Jonathan (played by Christian Collenburg) with elderly Prior Philip. The show is now completely sold out for the remainder of the run (till christmas) and has been prolonged for another month, initially. (Photo: Robin Skjoldborg)

Día de Muertos

Remembering the too many wonderful people close to me that have passed away - out of my life, and so more firmly into the closeness of my heart. Photo from Guanajuato, Mexico, two years ago.

a miserable day

Today we bury this wonderful young man: my very dear friend theatre director Martin Tulinius has lost his short, intense battle with cancer, and I am devastated. This photo is taken in Guanajuato, Mexico, where we began our world tour of "The Tiger Lillies Perform Hamlet", which he directed. Martin was a shining light of Danish theatre - as well as a wonderful friend and dedicated father to his son. A visionary set designer and a blessed and fearless director of the most subtle character work, and literally bursting with enthusiasm and his huge appetite for life and theatre.

I am just sat here, miserable, missing my great friend and collaborator. I cannot accept that he had to go. While it is in fact unbearable to think of the many beautiful, up-lifting shows of the future, that he will now never develop, my love and support goes to his bereaved, who have lost a father, a partner, a brother and a son. What a terrible loss it is.

Lego Prior Philip

We were fortunate to have a fabulous opening of Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth - and I was given the best gift ever: Sander, who is eight and plays young Jonathan, has custom-made this Lego Prior Philip, complete with chasuble and all. Thanks, Sander, you have no idea how happy you made me!

Opening Night

So, tonight is opening night of Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth" - blessed to be in the company of this wildly talented and dedicated cast and crew.


Rehearsals moving forward, first previews in two weeks' time. Pillars of the Earth.

Jackie at TIFF

Following a superb appearance at Venice, JACKIE will have our first North American screening this afternoon at Toronto International Film Festival.

Movie premiere

The opening of our new Danish movie "Love and other Catastrophes" has gone very well. Hoping it'll bring the crowds into Danish cinemas this autumn.

New Musical - New Bicycle

New Musical, new bicycle! Rehearsals have started at this beautiful round theatre, Østre Gasværk Theatre, and I am the happy owner of these new wheels for the daily commute through Copenhagen. Merrily I roll to work, as the cathedral-building takes shape..

The show begins (to take shape)

So, tomorrow morning we start rehearsals for the very first musical theatre production of Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth". The script is excellent, and I am looking forward immensely to get to grapple with the humungous task in front of us...

New press photo

New press photo from excellent photographer Ninna Flor

Canterbury with Ken Follett

Spent a very pleasant Thursday August 18 with Ken Follett and fellow actor Laus Høybye, visiting Canterbury Cathedral to see favourite inspirational spots of his, in preparation for our new musical theatre production of The Pillars of the Earth. Ken Follett kept a very polite straight face as we sang completely incomprehensibly to him, in Danish - at the opening on October 12 in Copenhagen, he'll get the opportunity to have an iPad in his lap with the whole thing translated into English. We had fun seeing the cathedral, and it'll be great to see him again in october.