The holy sinner

It has been a great pleasure reading Thomas Mann's "The Holy Sinner" (Der Erwählte) in preparation for our soon-to-be musical production of Ken Follett's "The Pillars of the Earth". The way it touches on themes of sin and forgiveness in a modern/medieval prism is deeply fascinating.

JACKIE goes to Venice

I am thrilled that "JACKIE" will receive its world premiere in competition at Venice Film Festival, Venezia 73. 

The myth ceaselessly bewitching..


Thoroughly enjoying Mark White's book "Kennedy - a cultural history of an American icon". Very enlightening on how the public perception, the "image", of JFK was built, maintained and enhanced over the years. In short, from the war-hero candidate, to the mythological figure of today. Learning more every day.

US Youth Orchestra in Tivoli

The future is safe! Yesterday in Tivoli in Copenhagen the Eagle spread its wings and soared under the brilliant guidance of conductor Valeriy Gergiev. The National Youth Orchestra of the USA played with subtlety and emotional depth - simply wonderfully. And when joined by the piano power house Denis Matsuev for Rachmaninov's 3rd piano concert sheer physical excellence and virtuoso sensitivity took us to the limits of human prowess - the beauty breath-taking, the audience collectively jubilant. Elated and full of hope for us all.

World Premiere of "Pillars of the Earth"

Last week's workshop in preparation for the new musical "The Pillars of the Earth" was hugely inspiring. Check out the website of the show:

Summer Concerts in Tivoli

The Tuesday Concerts in Tivoli gardens in the heart of Copenhagen have gotten off to a great start. April and May have been focusing on Danish songs, while the summer programme will be more international. Special guest stars Trine Pallesen and Frederikke Vedel have been radiant, and we look forward to welcoming Lise Baastrup and Tommy Kenter soon.

Interview with

A short interview with Caspar in connection with the production of The Secret Garden he starred in, in Toronto.